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We can offer a lower cost solution without compromising on service. You can be rest assured the administration process couldn't be done any better at a lower cost that in our expert hands.
Everyone agrees that Banks and Solicitors charge far too much for probate work.
The average Bank or firm of Solicitors charge for probate work by charging a percentage of the Estate value (often up to 5%) PLUS time at around £150/250.00 PER HOUR, and without committing to how many hours they will charge for. It is therefore impossible to know at the start what the total legal fee will be. This is before expenses and VAT are added!
Alder Wills and Probate Ltd aim to challenge this traditional, expensive charging structure. We are able to offer a lower cost solution to probate due to our low overheads, specialist systems and the volume of work we process.
By using our service we can potentially save £1000's to the estate:
Example fees on a £250,000 estate
Typical Bank (based on Barclays charges) £11,080
Typical Solicitor (based on Law Society figures) £5,250
Alder Wills & Probate Ltd Please contact us for an individual quote based on your circumstances
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